Four basic things you should never do in a club

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Going for a night out once in a while never hurts. It’s fun and enjoyable when in the right company of friends but when in the wrong company, it may be a nightmare. The nightlife is a crazy lifestyle which every first-timer should be aware of.  If this is the first time to go to the club or you are planning to go this weekend. Here are some of the things you should never do according to Copacabanany.

Do not harass the bartender

The bartender is a human being like you and deserves to be respected for what he is doing. You never know what they are going through and why they are doing that job. Avoid being rude and attacking them because we are living in a cruel world. The bartender may decide to hit back by intoxicating your drink and he will be laughing behind the counter.

Do not dance on top of tables and the bar counter

If you do not want people to think you are some kind of stripper, just dance at the dancefloor or opt to go to a stripper’s club. There you can dance on top of the tables because they have the poles that will make you explore all the moves.

Do not get drunk aggressively

Since it’s your first time to club, maybe it could be your first time to drink. Do not drink to the point you are wasted because it will be easy to be taken advantage of by men. Ensure you have gone out with friends that can deal with you when intoxicated.

Do not be rude to the bathroom attendant

This is one of the toughest jobs. Half of the bathroom users in a club are high so it is very easy to find them talking disrespectfully. Avoid that because he or she is at work diligently waiting to go and feed his family.

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