Four reasons you need to fart more

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Farting is the release of intestinal gas produced due to food digestion. Passing gas sounds gross but it is one of the healthiest things you can do for your body to be healthy. Anyone that is afraid of farting should never be ashamed because it has amazing benefits according to The Huff Post includes.

The smell is good for your health

The Huff Post reported that studies reveal there is a compound produced in small quantities in our gas called, hydrogen sulfide. It is known to protect us from sicknesses especially the rotten egg fart. When smelling the fart in small doses it prevents cell damage, strokes and heart attacks.

It can help balance your diet

Have you ever wondered why your farts smell different? This is because of the different foods you eat. The different smell will guide you to know what is missing in the diet. For instance, if you rarely pass gas more fiber, beans and kales should be included in your diet. Eating excess red meat can produce bad fart smell which means there should be less intake.

It is good for your colon health

There are times the fart comes in an unwanted situation place and you are forced to hold it in. That is dangerous for your health especially those with digestive issues.

It reduces bloating

This is one of the most uncomfortable situations to be in. Bloating is the swelling of the stomach after eating which can cause stomach pains. When this occurs, it indicates that gas needs to be passed to lessen the bloating.

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