Types of men you will find in a club

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A club is a place where you meet different people and groups who have different motives at the bar. They include the heartbroken, birthday kings/queens, boss ladies, couples, single, married spouses running away from their marriage problems, depressed… just to mention a few.

The Richest did a research and found out that there are different types of men found in a club that women need to beware of. They include:

The Wing Man

This is the kind of man that brings along another friend with him. They may be colleagues, friends or close family relative. The reason as to why every man comes with a wingman is because he helps in winning the lady over especially if he is interested in her. Once you are approached with two guys, there is a wingman present. The wingman will stand behind the main guy who is trying to vibe you or will start a conversation with the other lady’s friend.

The Player Man

Every club has a man who is always a player and you need to be aware of them. Most of them are handsome, stylish, smell too good, charming and sweet. All those attributes have a motive behind it, according to The Richest. They use the same pick-up lines on all the ladies every weekend and simply want to hit the jackpot. As a woman, be wise enough to spot this kind of man. Anything he tells you beyond 1am means nothing.

The Flashy Lifestyle Man

This kind of man does not struggle financially and he is judged to be a bad boy but he is the sweetest and fun to hang around with. The flashy lifestyle guy will always have his squad of his cool friends and they are known to be the ones that pop most of the bottles. Most of the women think highly of them and normally hope they can be wooed but that is not their main goal. The main goal for this kind of man is to show off and seek attention.

 The Guy with the girlfriend Man

You can never miss that one man that has a girlfriend at the club. He will not focus on his friends; his priority will be guarding the girlfriend. If he has gone out with his boys, he may end up texting his woman the whole night to ensure she is secure and nothing is happening. Some men would do this so as to avoid unnecessary drama. This kind of man cannot make a good wingman.  

The Liar Man

This man looks good but will lie about everything. He will lie about owning the bar, a luxurious car, his career, age and probably his name. It’s sad some of the ladies fall for this kind of man. Remember it is the first time you are meeting this man, so it easy for him to lie. Do not trust him.

The One who wants action Man

This man wants to have sex. He is charming, his game on flirting will make you go gaga for him and knows how to make you feel special. All this is for him to lay down with you. Whatever drink you want, he will purchase it. This man will get you drunk and make sure he has taken you home to be his meal.  

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