Michelle Obama listed as world’s most admired woman

Former First Lady Michelle Obama seems to be having a great year after she was listed as the most admired woman around the world.

This is after her book Becoming was also listed as the best selling memoir in history by New York Times.

Despite leaving White House Michelle has been listed by the YouGov poll as the most admired woman even defeating the philanthropist Oprah Winfrey who came in second.

According to YouGov, the people were asked “Thinking about people alive in the world today, which [man/woman] do you admire?”

YouGov also said the survey question was open-ended and they collected information from people in 41 countries.

Number three in the women list was Angelina Jolie followed by Queen Elizabeth II and lastly Emma Watson.

Michelle’s husband, Barack Obama was number two in the men list of most admired men.

The power couple have remained vocal and popular even after leaving the White House. The two signed a year deal with Netflix to produce series and films.

Topping the men list is the philanthropist Bill Gates.

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