4 reasons why your hair has stopped growing

An attractive, beautiful and long black hair is what most ladies desire. However, at some point, their hair stops growing and does not respond to the numerous chemicals in the market.

Hair follicles are what keeps ladies hairs from getting long as it breaks the hair despite it growing. Here are the reasons we experience stunted hair growth:

Excess heat: Ladies always admire the straightened and glistening black hair not knowing how costly it is. Constantly blowdrying your hair exposes it to heat which leads it to have stunted growth. If it is absolutely necessary to blowdry your hair then use medium heat and do this after three months.

Inadequate moisture: Dry hair easily breaks thus refusing growth compared to wet hair. However, one needs to consult with hair specialist to determine the amount of moisture their hair requires. Moisturizing your hair is not only about washing but drinking adequate water daily.

Bad diet: The hair also needs nourishment which it gets from you eating a certain kind of food. Fruits and vegetables are mostly recommended as the vitamins in them help in hair growth. If you have curly hair then you should use protein treatment to maintain the curls and hair’s elasticity.

No trimming: Trimming the ends of your hair helps it to grow. This is because the hair ends experience stunted growth, preventing it from getting long. Ensure you trim your hair at least after every three or four months.

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