Njambi Koikai says she is now recovering from endometriosis

After years of agonizing period pain and numerous surgeries due to endometriosis, former radio presenter, Njambi Koikai is finally getting better.

Koikai, who has been battling thoracic endometriosis, shared on her social media that her pain has gone away.

“I’m so grateful to God. I’ve not had a lung collapse in a year and no air leaks in my chest in 4 months. My chest, diaphragm and lungs are healing well,” Koikai, who calls herself Jahmby Conqueror, said.

The reggae enthusiast narrated her journey of pain which would manifest itself every month.

“When I’d have lung collapses, the pain would start on my right shoulder and it would feel like my right side of the body was paralysed as my diaphragm and lungs were in stabbing motions of pain,” the media personality recalled.

Njambi has conquered her pain and is now back on her feet.

“The shoulder pain is now gone.  My mobility was affected due to the amount of surgeries I’ve gone through {but) therapy has helped me back on my feet,” Koikai said.

The emcee was diagnosed with thoracic endometriosis at the age of 29 years. This forced her to move away from the limelight and focus more on her treatment. She left Kenya in February 2018 for treatment in Atlanta.

The Permanente Journal defines thoracic endometriosis as a condition that causes the growth of endometrial tissue in or around the lungs. This could lead to pneumothorax in the left lung which manifests through air or gas in the pleural cavity that can cause the chest to break from the chest wall.

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