US ambassador to Kenya Kyle McCarter speaks about rebranding ‘thieves’ in Kenya

US ambassador to Kenya Kyle McCarter has expressed his concern over the rebranding of corrupt individuals in Kenya.

McCarter said stealing public funds has become a menace in the country but the people who commit the heinous act are the same people who take different forms to defraud the state.

The ambassador said that it is so sickening for Kenyans to wake up every day to a new variety of thievery.

“It is so sad every day we wake up to a new variety of thievery, same thieves, same injustice,” McCarter said.

He added that it is unfair for Kenyans to face injustice from the same people over and over.

Earlier on McCarter said the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) was going to partner with Kenya to fight corruption.

He also expressed the need for leaders to lead by example by showing the youth that integrity is the best thing one can have in life.

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