11 things women should know about men

Pastor Dayan Masinde, a relationship counsellor, has outlined 11 things women should know about men.

  1. Men compliments don’t mean that they are using that as a bait to have sex with you.
  2. Some men are using their charming looks to take advantage of women.
  3. Some men misuse the word love to ensnare the women in sex yet, from their hearts, they don’t mean it.
  4. Some men use the word of God and go to church just to get women.
  5. Some men naturally are caring and they are mostly mistaken by ladies of having a hidden agenda through their generosity.
  6. Some men are broke, not because they are lazy but they might be using the little resources they have to make more money in future.
  7. Some men are out to waste your time with useless dates and parties yet they won’t add value to your life.
  8. Every man you meet in life has a part to play in your life. Don’t cry over men who come and walk out of your life.
  9. Men sometimes change for the better after hurting you, so women should not hold to past hurts by men.
  10. Men who sire with them children and they are not ready to take the responsibility of taking care of the kids should be left alone
  11. Men are bound to hurt them but they should not leave a permanent mark in their lives.
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