Bill to compel Nairobi parents to teach their children mother tongue

Nairobi County will make it compulsory for parents and teachers to teach children mother-tongue, if a new bill is passed.

A bill proposed by nominated MCA Silvia Museiya proposes that mother tongue lessons be made compulsory in Nairobi public nursery schools.

The bill requires City Hall’s education department to create a policy that will see nursery schools having a language and culture lesson.

“Through such a lesson, children will be able to express themselves in other languages like me who is Maasai speaking fluent Kikuyu,” said Museiya.

”Moreover, indigenous languages and the African culture will go extinct if we do not teach our kids,” she explained further.

Museiya also said children are adopting Western culture which should be stopped.

“The loss of culture to the Western one will lead to us forgetting our morals and values,” said Museiya.

According to Museiya, teaching young children between the age of three and seven will help revive our native languages.

In Kenya, Kiswahili, English and Sheng’ are the most used languages but if the bill goes through it will be compulsory for parents and teachers to teach children vernacular.

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