Billionaire paedophile Epstein tries to commit suicide

Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein who we have covered before on this publication has apparently tried to commit suicide while in jail.

It has been reported that he was rushed to hospital after prison guards found him blue in the face and sprawled on his New York cell floor.

The 66-year-old who is being held in custody ahead of his trial for sex trafficking, was said to be semi-conscious with neck injuries when he was found in Manhattan’s Metropolitan Correctional Center.

Sources close to the matter say he might have tried to hang himself. Another source claims that his injuries were not serious and that it might have been a gimmick to get transferred to another prison.

He is being held at the same facility that El Chapo was being held. Epstein, who was initially held in the general population at the jail, was moved to solitary confinement following threats from fellow inmates.

It is unclear if he was in solitary during the incident. Due to him being in federal custody, Epstein is locked up in his cell for about 23 hours each day. 

He has appealed against being held at the prison and wants the court to grant his request to stay under house arrest at his $77 million Manhattan mansion. The court has yet to decide on the matter.

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