6 reasons you need to start drinking donkey milk

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You’ve heard of cow, goat and even camel milk, but have you heard of donkey milk?

Get ready because this might just be the latest beverage to hit shops and supermarket shelves.

Health Magazine classifies donkey milk as healthier than milk from any other animal. In fact, there are claims that people from ancient times drank it as part of their nutritional diet.

Here are a few reasons why you need to grab a glass of donkey milk:

  • It is said to have a similar composition to human milk. It is super rich in vitamins and essential fatty acids.
  • Science Direct reports that it has great tolerability and palatability, meaning people allergic to other types of milk can try it out for its nutritional benefit.
Donkey milk is said to be more nutritious than cow milk.
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  • Pediatricians suggest donkey milk be added to a child’s diet as a substitute for cow’s milk. This is because, while cow milk may contain properties that trigger allergies in children, milk from a donkey does not trigger any allergy.
  • According to Science Direct, donkey milk has lower fat than cows. This means that it is great for those who are in the process of dieting and weight loss. It can also be a good source of nutrition for the elderly.
  • Donkey milk can help sensitive skin conditions like eczema. There are testimonies of people who had skin conditions swearing by soap made out of donkey milk. To add to that, it contains anti-aging properties.
  • The milk is antibacterial and stimulates the immune system. It is also said to prevent inflammatory diseases like asthma and hepatitis.

Go ahead and pour yourself a glass of refreshing donkey milk and enjoy the health benefits that comes with it.

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