What to consider before getting acrylics

Acrylic nail is a nail extension that is placed over the original nail. This type of nails is ideal for people looking to change the shape of their nails or want more length. The acrylic nail is a mix of powder and liquid monomer which is combined into a dough and shaped onto your nails with a brush then air-dried.

When getting a new set of these nails, tips or nail forms are used to give a natural look. Before getting your acrylic nails, this is what you need to know;

Decide on the shape and length

This is one of the most exciting parts of getting acrylics. There are different types of shapes which include stiletto, coffin, round, oval and the list is endless. The length also depends on what you prefer. Choose what you feel is comfortable and suits your personality.


Learn to moisturize

Moisturizing your nails will always keep the nails strong and skin healthy. When they are dry they will not look appealing and it may make the skin dry and unhealthy. Always carry cuticle oil or vaseline in your handbag.


Check the instruments being used for manicure

Ensure the manicure instruments are sterilised to avoid contracting skin conditions and infections. Once you use unsterilized tools there is a high risk of infections which will affect the fingers and leave them looking unappealing.


Do your research

Before having the acrylic nails done you need to have background research of what they entail and the best places to have them done. This will give you a clear picture of what is best for you and what you can afford.

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