What you need to know about ‘safe days’

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Safe days are the days during your menstrual cycle where naturally you cannot get pregnant as your body is not ovulating.

With the difficulty in getting a family planning method that has no risks to a ladies body, some couples prefer using safe days.

Here is what you need to know about this natural family planning method:

You need regular periods: It is easier to know your safe days when you have regular periods. The safe days are usually six days before and after your period but if you are not sure of when your cycle begins the safe days may not work. Ladies with irregular periods are asked to seek other methods of family planning.

It’s a high-risk family planning method: With safe days you always have to be sure of when your cycle starts and ends. If you do not count well or the cycle delays then you may end up getting pregnant. According to Love Matters, 25 out of 100 women who use safe days end up conceiving.

Get assistance from mobile apps to track: There are mobile apps that can help you track your periods such as GetBaby and MyCycle. All you have to do is key in the date your period begins and how long it takes and it will indicate your safe days. You can also key in things such as vaginal discharge, body temperature and it will give you the expected safe days.

You may need a back-up plan: Unless you only want to have sex during your safe days you will definitely need a back-up plan. Most women are sexually active during ovulation which is the high-risk days. Therefore, during this period you may choose to use condoms or the pull-out method to prevent pregnancies.

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