Best sleeping positions for every pregnant woman

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During pregnancy, there are various changes occurring in the body for instance weight gain, back pain, shortness of breath, just to mention a few. Due to all those changes, there should be a comfortable sleeping position that will make you less fatigued.

According to The American Pregnancy Association, the best sleeping position is sleeping on the side. Sleeping on the left side is the best sleeping position for every pregnant woman. It has been said to improve blood circulation and breathing for the unborn baby and you.

Sleeping on the right side exerts pressure on the inferior vena cava which is a major vein that carries deoxygenated blood from the lower body and middle body to the heart. Once it’s obstructed, it will cause more body discomfort.

There are two major sleeping positions that need to be avoided; sleeping on your back because it can increase back pain, low blood pressure and causes poor blood circulation to your heart and also for the unborn child.

Sleeping on your stomach should not apply because of the physical changes that occur at the abdomen.

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