Joho is a political conman, says Mohammed Ali

Nyali MP Mohammed Ali alias Jicho Pevu has accused Mombasa governor Ali Hassan Joho of being a conman with no sense of direction.

Addressing residents of Nyali on Sunday, Ali said for the seven years Joho has been the governor of Mombasa, he has done nothing substantial for the residents.

He said despite the county government receiving a lot of money from the national government, nothing has been done when it comes to development.

The MP accused Joho of muzzling his critics to an extent that no one is willing to speak against his incompetence.

“We reject the politics of conmanship and mediocrity in all its forms. Seven years into devolution, billions of money pumped to Mombasa County and there is no concrete development to be seen,” said Mohammed Ali.

Nyali legislature said that other counties are busy working on their development projects whereas Joho is busy engaging in show biz, fashions, dancing and entertainment.

Mombasa County is flooded with garbage, children are being denied bursaries, roads are in bad shape according to Ali.

Ali said Joho should not be given any leadership responsibility because of his incompetence.

He vowed to fight for the people of Mombasa despite even if it means losing his parliamentary seat.

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