You belong to Kamiti, Miguna tells Raila’s brother

Controversial lawyer Miguna Miguna has now turned his guns on opposition leader Raila Odinga’s elder brother, Dr. Oburu Odinga.

In a Facebook post directed to the East Africa Legislative Assembly MP , Miguna said Oburu only managed to escape jail term over alleged illegal acquisition of land because of Raila and Uhuru’s ‘new friendship’.

“So shamelessly disgraceful Oburu Oginga Odinga! The only reason why you are not locked up at Kamiti with Jowie is that your cowardly brother, The People’s Con-Man Raila Odinga is now Despot Uhuru Kenyatta’s toilet cleaner. Shame on all of you!'” Read Popular: Miguna warns Raila over friendship with Uhuru after Itumbi arrest

The High Court on Friday revoked the title deed of the 0.14 hectares of land from the former assistant minister.

Oburu however accused EACC of witchhunt, saying that the anti-graft body is targetting him because he is Raila Odinga’s brother.

In a press conference held in his home on Sunday in Milimani, Kisumu county, Oburu asserted that the court had found him free of fraud as he had not acquired the land fraudulently.

“I do not understand those saying I obtained the land illegally. They advertised and many people expressed interest to purchase it,” said Oburu.

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