Secrets behind the success of taxi and Boda Boda business

Taxi and Boda Boda businesses have helped curb the rate of unemployment in Kenya, with many youths now venturing into the business to earn a living.

It should be noted that as much as the business appears to be so simple as long as one has a car or a motorbike, it has its dynamics.

Henry Obwocha, a taxi driver who operates near Livington mall, Nairobi revealed that for one to be successful in this business he needs to pull the right strings or else he or she is bound to fail.

Obwocha said that you must be ready to pay a certain fee ranging from Sh50,000 to Sh200,00 for you to get an operating base popularly known as ‘Shimo’.

For smooth operation you need to befriend several police officers so that they can always come to your rescue whenever you get arrested, says Obwocha.

“This business is not easy as many people think because you need to be so smart or else you will abandon it as soon as you get into it,” said Obwocha.

The former Boda boda rider says that for security reasons, drivers or riders leave a note to tell where they are going for easy tracking.

He added that when dropping off a passenger, don’t do it at the exact place the client wants especially at night.

Also, he cautions against being too friendly to the customers because you are likely to incur losses.

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