What men find attractive in women

We are living in a generation which has made women believe their physical appearance is the most important thing men look at only. The media has created unrealistic standards of beauty and pressured women to keep up with them.

Some will photoshop their photos to look more ‘curvy’, perform plastic surgeries and injections. All these just to impress a man. Dear ladies, did you know men are not only attracted to physical traits of a woman? They are also attracted to other features which include;


Every man loves and wants a confident woman. A confident woman loves who she is, is positive in her statements, has a clear vision and plan for achieving her goals and knows her confidence is beyond her physical appearance.

If you are not confident in your own skin, body and what you do, the man will not pursue you.

Financial independence

Men respect and adore a woman who has their own life going on in terms of being financially independent.

They know that to have a woman who is responsible financially will not be a clingy type that is always borrowing money. Being clingy and needy is a turn off to some men.

Principled woman

This is one of the major features a man finds very attractive. A woman who is principled and stands her own ground is a major turn on. No man wants a lady that is all over with other men or has no boundaries. This communicates that as a woman you have no respect for yourself.


When it comes to settling down for a man, honesty is an important factor. If there is a man who has shown interest in courting you, ensure to be open with him. But there are things you do not need to open up about, for instance, the number of one nightstands you have had, it may push him away.

Proper communication

Men love it when there is proper communication. They cannot read our minds to know you need something or you are going through a hard time. Ensure to talk and speak when you feel anything is bothering you and he has done something that is not pleasing.

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