Early signs you have found ‘the one’

When looking for a life partner there are different qualities to look at in order to be with the right person. Many couples have shared their love stories on how they knew their significant other was ‘the one‘ and you wonder how?

These are signs that show you may have found your Mr. Right/Mrs. Right;

You know they are the one

This is a common phrase that has been used by couples. This could be love at first sight or the intuition communicating he or she is the one for you. There is always a sense of calmness and certainty ever since you began talking.

You have a shared vision of the future

Once your vision of the future is in sync, that is a sign you have found your better half. Despite sharing a great bond, you first have to agree on what your future lives together will look like so as to know how to build it. If there are disagreements that evidently shows that the relationship will not last.

You trust each other completely

Trust is a crucial building block in a relationship. Once it’s cultivated and both of you have no doubts, worries about anything and whereabouts, it’s meant to be.

But if you feel insecure and worried any time, that is a sign there is no trust. With no trust, the relationship will not be long-lasting.

You support each other

No matter how big your dreams are, supporting each other is a plus. When your partner challenges and helps you achieve the goals you had set, he or she is a keeper.

You grow together

If your partner has put efforts of growing spiritually, physically, emotionally and mentally. He or she is a keeper.

For instance, your significant other is trying to figure out how he can make his spiritual life better, as the lady in the relationship take the initiative to come up with ways on how you can make him grow spiritually. It could be praying for meals, attending church together or bible study.

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