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Pictures: Beyonce’s fashion style in Lion King album is epic

Singer Beyonce has always been the queen of fashion with her unique dresses and styling technique.

In the album Lion King, the singer did not hold back and gave us some unique looks that we can’t help but admire. Check them out:

Beyonce in an off-shoulder dress looking like the queen she is. Cancer again. [Source: Beyonce, Instagram]
Beyonce in a feather ruffled jumpsuit. Well who knew such a great look existed, she looks ready to face any challenge just like the lion in the jungle. [Source: Beyonce, Twitter]
Beyonce’s gowns are always worth a second look. This thigh high gown is no difference…it looks spectacular in the midst of a desert. [Source: Beyonce, Instagram]
The queen on her throne rocking one of her beautiful gowns and looking angelic while at it. [Source: Beyonce, Instagram]
Here the Queen looks like infamous Khaleesi from Game of Thrones. Ready to rule the world and fly to greater heights. [Source: Beyonce, Instagram]
In a palazo jumpsuit with a cover-up and heels, Beyonce looks like she is about to make some multi-billion business deals. This is the look of women in power. [Source: Beyonce, Instagram]
Beyonce in a pink gown similar to the thigh-high yellow one but she definitely looks different as always in them[Source: Beyonce, Instagram]

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