What to expect after a miscarriage

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A miscarriage is a difficult thing to go through especially the grieving process and the emotions afterwards. One has to remember that the loss does not signify your inability to form a beautiful family later. Here is what to expect after a miscarriage occurs:

Clearing the uterus: Sometimes a miscarriage is not complete and the uterus may need to be emptied. In such times, the doctor may let the natural process to clean the uterus or you might be given drugs such as misoprostol, which will create contractions that remove remnants. In extreme cases, a minor surgery called dilation and curettage can be done at the hospital.

Emotions and depression: Even if you never met the baby, sadness and grief is experienced after a miscarriage. Surround yourself with people you love or even a support group of mothers who have experienced miscarriage. This is because people close to you may not know how to offer support as it is hard to understand a miscarriage if you haven’t gone through it.

Your fertility: Conceiving after a miscarriage should happen after getting your first period. This is because the fertility of a woman goes back to normal after one menstrual cycle. However, your doctor should advise on the risks of getting another miscarriage according to your current state of the body. The doctor will also advise on the healthy habits you should adopt when you conceive after a miscarriage.

Menstrual cycle: It may take a while for your cycle to go back to normal as the hormone levels have to adjust from the pregnancy mode. However, you can use the menstrual apps such as GetBaby, Flo App to know when your cycle begins. This is even more helpful if you are trying to conceive.

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