6 best side hustles for the millennials

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The current economy of Kenya and lifestyles millennial live cannot be sustained with a salary from your eight to five job.

One needs a side-hustle that will give them extra cash to support their needs on rainy days. Here are some of the income-generating side hustles:

Selling second-hand goods: You can do a side-business of selling second-hand goods after obtaining them at a fair price. These good can include second-hand cutlery, second-hand baby clothes and second-hand dresses, sweater and pants.

Making and teaching craft online: If you know how to make handwoven carpets, curtains and ‘kiondos’ then this is the perfect side hustle. Apart from making and selling your craft, you can also conduct classes at a fee to teach others how to do make such artefacts. Handmade jewellery are loved by ladies for their uniqueness, so do ‘kiondos’ and handwoven handbags.

Online academic writing: Academic writing is growing to the point of people doing it as their main job. There are so many platforms out there where you can get the legit academic jobs without being scammed. This also involves doing proofreading and copy editing for blogs and websites. These companies pay you to your Mpesa or Paypal account and the good thing it is not monthly payments for some pay as soon as they review your work.

Marketing on social media platforms: Your Instagram, Facebook and Twitter that has a huge following is a good platform to make money. Get people to advertise on your social media pages. Charge them with the duration their products and services are advertised. You can also do this on YouTube if you have a channel with a lot of viewers.

Writing motivational and ‘how to’ e-books: There are a lot of people currently reading motivational books and ‘how to’ reads on online platforms. All you need is to be a good writer and get a publisher for your e-book, which you can advertise and sell on social media. E-books go for as cheap as Sh100 and are easily bought.

Teaching sign language: Knowing sign language currently in Kenya is a coveted thing, with most employers adding it as an added advantage on job requirements. Therefore, if you already know sign language you can hold classed during weekends or after work. You can also teach the language remotely through video classes.

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