Muthoni Drummer Queen to Willy Paul – drop the gospel tag

Celebrated music artist and Blankets and Wine founder, Muthoni the drummer queen had some choice advice for Willy Paul on Wednesday afternoon.

She took to Twitter to express her opinion. She began by acknowledging Willy Paul’s talent and said that he was infact long overdue to make a clean break from what she termed as the fake gospel industry.

She described him as a great artist who had the ability to dominate Swahili music and compete directly with the wasafi crew. She said that he writes and sings well and has access and influence therefore did not need the gospel gimmick.

He advised him to ditch the church crowd and all that comes with it. She told him to embrace his badboy image, to curse on tracks and have many tatoos and to write us new real stories,work with excellent producers and shape his own sound.

The songstress dismissed the gospel industry as fake and driven only by incentives. She observed that the only reason the gospel industry is filled with people who dont really identify with the faith was because all the regular paying gigs were in schools and churches.

She said that to get money from Kenyan corporates, they only look at the numbers, how big the song is, the artist ranking etc. She observed that most of the songs being produced have nothing to do with the gospel and just have gospel words sprinkled in them to satisfy a criteria.

She lamented that there were too many great producers stuck in gospel because of access and need to pay bills. She reminded readers of songs such as Odi and bazokizo which were real cultural moments hiding under the gospel wave.

She ended the rant by exhorting the youth to refuse smallness and to embrace authenticity and free creative expression and to shun the untalented gatekeepers who are stuck in their own mediocre little lives.

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