Health risks that are brought about by chewing gum

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If you’ve developed a habit of constantly chewing gum, you might want to stop before it impacts your health negatively.

While chewing is considered safe, constant and frequent chewing could be detrimental to your health. Recipe for chewing gums include gum, resin, fillers, preservatives, softeners, sweeteners, and flavorings.

However, there are some negative effects of chewing gum.

Jaw problems; Constantly chewing gum can lead to a condition known as Temporomandibular Disorder which causes pain every time you chew. This condition comes about if you are constantly chewing gum for years on end.

Too much chewing interferes with your jaw activity.
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Migraines and headaches. For those who suffer from migraines, chewing gum can be a trigger. According to Healthline, researchers have found a link between people who frequently chew gum and migraines & tension headaches.

Stomach problems. Constant chewing of gum leads to increased levels of stress in your stomach and intestines. After you’ve eaten a meal, your stomach usually needs time to rest and if you continue to chew and swallow saliva, you are interfering with the rest period. You might end up getting bloated, tummy aches and develop gastric ulcer.

Tooth decay. Gums with sugar lead to gum diseases and cavities. This is because sugar covers the teeth and then slowly starts damaging the tooth enamel. If you don’t brush your teeth properly, you will end up with decayed teeth.

While chewing gum also has advantages like reducing bad breath and helps in weight loss, you are adviced to chew in moderation. Constant chewing can lead to health complications.

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