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Pictures of Lulu and Rashid rocking kitenges on their 10th anniversary

Media couple Rashid Abdalla and Lulu Hassan have been the admiration of many couples due to the cool and mature way they carry themselves.

The couple celebrated their 10th anniversary yesterday with Lulu Hassan sharing her joy on Instagram.

“Thank you for always being my rainbow after a storm, 10 years strong,”said Lulu to Rashid.

The two also have a perfect taste for kitenge outfits, which bring out an eccentric look for the two. Check out their stylish kitenge outfits:

Yes the man does not have to wear a full Kitenge, Rashid’s kitenge half coat matches perfectly with Lulu’s dress [Source: Rashid, Instagram]
Again Rashid has managed to sneak in the Kitenge in form of a pocket lapel that matches with Lulu’s dress. The colour of his tie also matches with Lulu’s dress. [Source: Rashid, Instagram]
Lulu’s maroon dress with flap sleeves looks great on her and so does Rashid’s light blue suit with a matching kitenge pocket lapel. [Source: Rashid, Instagram]
This looks like the perfect outfit for the wedding you would like to attend with your loved one. The bright yellow kitenge does good to substitute the dark parts of the dress and suit. [Source: Rashid, Instagram]
The colour of Rashid’s suit matches with Lulu’s kitenge and yes the lovebirds look dapper here as ever. [Source: Rashid, Instagram]
In this outfit, Rashid has not only matched the lapel with Lulu’s outfit but he has also matched the tie with her stylish kitenge. And yes that is a kitenge modern coat. Lulu knows how to be stylish and decent at the same time. [Source: Rashid, Instagram]


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