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Who wears it better? Sarah Hassan vs Catherine Kamau

Sarah Hassan and Catherine Kamau are among the top actresses in Kenya. Sarah came to the limelight when she first premiered in Tahidi High while for Kate it began in Mother-in-law.

Ever since, they have been making strides in the film industry. The two produced a romantic comedy movie early this year, The Plan B which gained over 1 million views on YouTube.

Besides being family and career women, they know how to keep their fashion sense on track. Sarah’s style is chic, fun, trendy with a touch of simplicity. Kate’s fashion sense is trendy, extra, vibrant with a touch of sophistication.

Who do you think wears it better?

How they rocked the afro natural hairstyles is too stunning!
[Source: Instagram, Sarah, Kate]
Make way for the queens! It’s a royal blue affair here!
[Source: Instagram, Sarah, Kate]
Casual fashion: Sarah decided to add some colour in her black on black look while Kate opted for a denim on denim retro vibe!
[Source: Instagram, Sarah, Kate]
These maxi dresses are a win-win!
[Sources: Instagram, Sarah, Kate]
Let’s admit they know how to rock the thigh-high boots!
[Source: Instagram, Sarah, Kate]



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