Mandera residents applauded for stopping a al-Shabaab attack

The National Police Service (NPS) has congratulated Mandera County residents for helping to avert a planned terror attack by the al-Shabaab.

According to the NPS, the al-Shabaab had planned to attack at an ongoing dispensary construction site at Kotulo in the county.

“The lives of eight non local workers were saved by the swift action of security officers after the residents alerted us of the attack,” said NPS in a statement.

The NPS said one of the local members of the public was injured during the confrontation between the police and the terror group. The injured person is receiving treatment at Elwak hospital

“We managed to prevent the attack and the al-Shabaab seeing their imminent defeat escaped to Somalia,” said NPS.

The NPS added that any group seeking create violence and disrupt the normal lives of Kenyans will be dealt will be met with proportionate force.

“We thank the residents of Kotulo for their swift actions and wish quick recovery to the injured member of the community,” said NPS.

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