Major signs you are a side chick

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The dating scene in this 21st century has become complicated. Relationships nowadays are about fun, material things and sleeping with multiple partners. Men started a trend that has been on the rise, having a side chick.

According to the Urban dictionary, a side chick is a female that is neither a male’s wife or girlfriend who has relations with the male while he is with another woman.

If you have been feeling strange about your relationship like the man is not officializing things, higher chances are you are a side chick. Here are some signs that prove.

Never met his friends

If you have never met his friends or he avoids to meet them when you are around, that means you are not that special to him. All he wants to do is hide this side relationship so that the friends don’t reveal to the main girl. It could also mean he is not into you.

When a guy introduces you to his friends, that is a sign he is into you and wants to show you off.

No photos of you both in existence

Anytime you try to take photos with him and tells you not to post on social media platforms, that is an alarming sign you are a side chic. A man that is proud to have you will take pictures with you and post on his social media. But that depends because there are those that prefer keeping their relationship out of the public.

He does not open up

Once you realize that he does not want to open up about what he is going through, that means he is avoiding to be emotionally attached. This is because he knows you only sleep together, nothing more.

He is not consistent

A man that is serious with you will always be consistent in his communication and actions.

If he disappears without informing you what he is up to, does not call to check up and starts talking to you after a long time. This behavior arises because the main girl may be suspicious.

He has a wife or girlfriend

Once you find out he has a girlfriend or wife, this should be evident that you are his side girl. That is why he is treating you as a second option, not emotionally attached and inconsistent with his actions.

He has to make sure the wife/girlfriend is his first priority.

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