Money Heist creator confirms there will be a season 4

The creator of Money Heist alias La Casa De Papel, Alex Pina, has confirmed there will be a season 4.

Pina confirmed in a press conference that filming and production of season 4 began immediately after season 3 wound up early this year.

According to whats on Netflix. com, the season 3 plot will wrap up on season 4. However, it is not yet clear if there will be a season 5. Season 3 was kind of a stretch as the series’ creator had initially intended to end the series at season 2.

Original Money Heist sn 3 official trailer.
| Source: Netflix |

” It was a complicated pulse, there were many reasons not to return. On one hand, it was a short and concluded series about a robbery. On the other hand, the protagonists end up being millionaires and putting them together for another robbery seemed something remotely impossible,” he said.

“But we realized that this was a band with different characteristics than we see in the stories of perfect robberies,” Money Heist’s creator added.

Money Heist first aired on Antenna 3 in Spain in 2017. However, it became a hit in 2018 when Netflix picked their season 1 and 2 and aired them to an international audience. The creators of Money Heist then signed a deal with Netflix to produce a season 3 which premiered on July 19, 2019.

One week after the premier of season 3, 34,355,956 Netflix households had streamed the series.

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