Uganda’s firebrand activist who stripped in court to be jailed

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Activist Stella Nyanzi was Thursday sentenced to 18 months in jail for her vagina poem directed at President Museveni.

She was charged under Uganda’s notorious computer misuse act and is expected to remain in Luzira prison where she has been held from November last year.

The firebrand activist has a long and illustrious career of standing up to authorities.

She first shot to the limelight after stripping naked after she claimed that the administration of Makerere University was trying to sabotage her research which led to her being fired.

She was also held for 33 days after referring to President Museveni as a pair of buttocks in another stinging poem on Facebook and criticising his wife Janet for failing to honour a campaign promise of providing free sanitary towels to girls in school.

The straw that broke the camel’s back so to speak was the vagina poem that had her arrested and put on a no fly list.

The poem, posted on 16 September, the day after Museveni’s 74th birthday, suggested the president should have died at birth and accused him of corroding “all morality and professionalism out of our public institutions in Uganda”.

She also said she wished he had drowned to death during birth like he had sank and murdered the dreams and aspirations of millions of youths who languish in the deep sea of massive unemployment, and under-emplyment in Uganda.

The controversial poem was widely circulated leading to her arrest.

Earlier before she appeared in court she had written another“> poem saying that she had come to poke the leopards anus,the leopard being a euphemism for President Museveni.

Asked to address the court to attempt to reduce her sentence she said, “Send me to Luzira maximum security prison. I am proud of what I told a dirty, delinquent dictator.”

She added: “I want to embolden the young people … I want them to use their voices and speak whatever words they want to speak.”

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