How Lulu Hassan and Rashid Abdalla keep the passion burning in their marriage

TV personalities Lulu Hassan and Rashid Abdalla on Wednesday celebrated their 10 years in marriage.

Lulu Hassan also spoke about the key to a long lasting relationship while giving advice to couples to-be.

“I am submissive to my husband and we are also best friends, ” Lulu said in an interview with the Star.

Lulu also said in their house conflicts are resolved before they go to be bed adding that she does not remember the last time she argued with her husband.

“Do not get into marriag just because you see mine is successful but you should know what you want in a marriage and work for it,” Lulu told couples to-be.

Lulu also said they do not have plans to get another child as they have been blessed with two boys and recently a girl making a full family.

“Couples need to understand each other, become good friends, learn family values and solve issues before they escalate for a marriage to succeed,” said Lulu.

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