Types of food that cause quick aging and wrinkles

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We all want a youthful and younger skin, one which does not have wrinkles popping up regularly and at a fast rate.

The key to evading wrinkles and having a smooth tight skin is not exchanging beauty products but having a healthy diet. Here are foods you should avoid if you want to keep looking younger:

Sugary and sweetened foods: The skin structure is maintained by collagen fibers. High consumption of sugary substance ends up damaging the link between collagen leading to formation of wrinkles.

Do not take products rich in sugar such as soda, ice cream, yoghurt, chocolate on a daily basis but occasionally. Also reduce your daily intake of sugar in tea, coffee or mil.

Processed carbohydrates: Carbohydrates such as fruits and vegetables can easily prevent wrinkles. However, the highly processed carbohydrates such as cookies, white bread, fried potatoes, cakes and muffins damage the structure of the skin. One should take more fruits and whole grains as they slow down aging.

Dairy products: Milk is a product that is rich in calcium thus it will strengthen your bones and prevent wrinkles.

However, other dairy products such as milk shake, yoghurt, chocolate have high quantity of sugar and cause inflammation. Inflammation makes the body experience oxidation stress which is a widely known cause of aging.

Red meat and alcohol: Kenyans are lovers of ‘nyama choma‘ and red meat as they relax in pubs or during weekend meets. However, the two products especially red meat that has been converted to nyama choma causes quick ageing.

Roasted meat has inflammatory hydrocarbons which damage the skin structure. Alcohol also causes the skin to dehydrate making it look dull and dry thus forming wrinkles at a fast rate.

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