Otile Brown opens up on how his beef with Jalang’o started

Musician Jacob Obunga popularly known as Otile Brown has opened up on what led to a beef between him and comedian Jalang’o.
Speaking on a local radio station on Saturday, Otile blamed Jalang’o for magnifying a small issue without reaching out to him for an explanation.

The musician allegedly said it is a mere unanswered call that made things to fall apart between them.

Otile said he failed to pick Jalang’o’s call after assigning the responsibility to his manager and the comedian may felt that he was being disrespected.

“Having grown in music, I decided to hire a manager and when Jalang’o called me, my manager spoke to him and he felt offended,” said Otile.

Jalang’o, on the other hand, accused Otile of making him feel inferior by cutting a direct connection, yet they were close friends.

The musician, however, said he still respects Jalang’o as his best friend and he is ready to revive their relationship.

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