The biological reason why incest is bad

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In most African cultures, it is an abomination to engage in sexual activities with your family members – immediate and extended.

This is mostly because it is morally wrong but is there any biological problem with engaging in incest?

According to an evolutionary psychologist at the University of Hawaii, Debra Lieberman, if you practice incest, your offspring faces a risk of getting a disease or even death.

“Let’s say you get a bad gene, which scientists call deleterious, from your mom. But your dad’s copy of the same gene functions normally. The good version acts like a backup, effectively preventing disease the bad gene might have caused,” Lieberman explained.

Therefore if you engage in incest, your offspring faces a high risk of contracting a disease resulting from that bad gene in your family.

“Each of you would have a copy of that bad gene, so there’s a good chance your kid won’t have a normal copy to work with,” Lieberman added.

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