Factors that make you an easy target for robbers

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If you’ve been robbed before, you certainly understand the pain that comes with that horrific experience.

What you don’t know however is that a pickpocket or a robber usually identifies a potential target moments before and proceeds to strategize before attacking and running away with your valuables.

There are some specific factors that criminals look at when identifying potential targets.

These are the things that might make you an easy target for potential robbers.

Wearing earphones/headphones. By blasting music, you are not aware of the noises in your surrounding. What you’re doing is shutting out one of the most important primary sense. The attacker knows that by you not being aware of his/her approach, you are an easy target.

Texting/speaking on the phone. What you’re doing is exposing your valuable. Phones are one of the most popular gadgets that are stolen. An attacker sees you speaking on the phone and quickly calculates its worth before deciding to move in for the kill. If the call or text is not urgent, wait till you get to a safe place.

You are adviced to keep your phone away while walking so that you don’t become a target for thieves.
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Carrying too much luggage. If you’re walking around with a lot of bags, you automatically become a target. Your attention is divided on all the luggage you are carrying and an attacker knows that if he/she strikes, you will not react immediately because of the confusion.

Hanging your bag loosely while walking. This applies especially to ladies. If your bag is hanging close to the ground, it is so easy for a snatcher to attack and run away with it. Ensure you carry your bag on your shoulders and be vigilant.

Not being confident. Believe it or not, this is one of the factors that makes you a target. By not exhibiting confidence, you are not attracting attention to yourself. Someone walking while talking loud is likely to attract the attention of those around him/her. This means that the thief knows all eyes are on the attention seeker and trying to steal from them is a bad idea.

When it comes to home burglary, leaving your window and door unlocked can get you robbed. It doesn’t matter how safe/secure your neighborhood is. There’s always someone searching for something to steal. Ensure that before you leave your house, shut the door and window.

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