Facts about sudden infant death syndrome

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Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is a worry among many parents with young babies as it is the leading cause of death in babies between one month and one year.

SIDS occur when a baby dies in their sleep and is majorly unexplained as it happens to perfectly healthy babies.


However, according to Mayo Clinic, respiratory problems can cause SIDS especially when the baby finds it hard to breathe.

Children who are also born with brain defects and low birth weight are more likely to die of SIDS. This is because the brain controls breathing and if it is not fully developed it may not function properly.

Risk Factors

Parents should not share their bed with babies and they should not dress the baby too warm while laying them to sleep.

Parents should also not smoke in the home environment where the baby stays and they should keep a close look at boys as they are more likely to die of SIDS.

Your baby should not sleep on a super soft surface such as comforter or mattress as it may block their airway leading to SIDS.


Parents are advised to lay the baby on their back while putting them to sleep and to advice their nannies to do the same.

The baby should also be put in their own crib but in the same room as their parents so they can check on their sleeping positions frequently.

Babies should also be breastfed for at least six months as breastfeeding reduces chances of SIDS happening.

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