How to make a long-distance relationship work

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According to the Urban dictionary, a long-distance relationship is a strong emotional commitment to someone who is far away and often beyond physical access most of the time.

This kind of relationship can be challenging because there is no physical contact and may lead to lack of trust and insecurities. Long-distance relationships require patience and consistent communication.

Some couples who have been successful in this type of relationship have confessed that if you both love each other nothing will come in between. Here are some of the major tips that will make it work;

Communicate regularly

For any relationship to be a success, communication is the first rule. Since you are not meeting often, talk to your partner. Greet him/her, know how he/she is doing, update him/her on your life, this will make him/her feel involved.

To make this more interesting, send each other photos, voice notes, and video calls. This will make your partner feel loved and attended to.

Visit one another

Visiting each other must be a plan because you have not met physically for a long time. Organize how you can go for a night out date, cooking date, nature walk and do something both of you love. It will spice the relationship and make things better.

Set ground rules

There are always expectations in every relationship and to manage them, you need to make it clear to your partner what you want.

For instance, talk about the commitment level? the future? if both of you can go on dates with other people?

Talk dirty with each other

Since both of you are not in a position to engage in intimacy, tease each other by talking dirty. This will create intimate tension when you meet again.

Do things together

Who said you can’t do stuff together when apart? It is possible. Plan a day when you are both at home and organize a video game night, watch a movie, sing to each other on a skype call or Whatsapp video call.

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