Movie star Samuel L Jackson traces his roots to Gabon

Legendary actor and movie producer Samuel L Jackson has traced his ancestry to Gabon.

The film star has starred in various popular films including; Django unchained, Pulp Fiction, Captain Marvel, Lakeview Terrace and many more.

He traced his roots to the Benga tribe of Gabon and even met their king. The Benga are a Bantu ethnic group in West Africa.

He also met with the President of Gabon Ali Bongo after which he was granted a Gabonese passport and awarded citizenship to the West African country.

Samuel L Jackson and Gabon president Ali Bongo [source-instagram]
Samuel L Jackson and the King of the Benga [source-Instagram]
Samuel L Jackson greeting Gabon residents [source-Twitter]
Samuel L Jackson receiving his Gabon passport from Gabon foreign minister [source-Twitter]
Samuel L Jackson in traditional Gabonese attire[source-Twitter]
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