Martha Karua takes swipe at Supreme Court after losing case against Anne Waiguru

Politician Martha Karua has expressed her disappointment at the Supreme Court of Kenya after it dismissed her petition.

“I did not get justice at the court but Aluta continua. The journey to succes is long and winding,” said Martha Karua on Twitter.

Karua had filed a petition challenging the election of Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru.

The Narc-Kenya party leader also said she still has a lot to do and the loss of the petition will not deter her.

“Many thanks to those who stood with me in my judicial marathon . All is not lost there is much more to do,” said Karua.

The former Cabinet minister also hit out at Waiguru, saying the governor already knew the ruling of the Supreme Court.

“Waiguru did not come for a single case hearing but on the day of the ruling she shows up with a group of people for celebration and a ready media. She must have known what the ruling is,” said Karua.

Netizens have asked Ms Karua to give up on the election petitions and focus on other things.

“Supreme Court’s annulment of Martha Karua’s election petition against Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru was long overdue. It’s unfortunate that Waiguru has been forced to spend almost half her term in office defending her election. We need to streamline our electoral laws,” said Ben Wafula on Twitter.

Other alleged that ghosts of the past were haunting Karua, which is why she will keep losing her court petitions.

“Martha Karua will lose all political contests and cases for the next two thousand years. Her “they should go to court” in 2007 was her fall,” said Disembe.

“I am sure Martha Karua is proud and pleased with the seeds she planted back in 2007. Enyewe power changes hands,” said Onesmus Mainga.

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