Types of food that help fight skin disease acne

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Acne breakouts are irritating and sometimes they can be uncontrollable, especially when they happen frequently.

However, acne breakouts can be regulated and one is able to have a smooth skin if they are keen on their diet. If you have constant acne then choose your food wisely and here are the types of foods that will keep your skin healthy:

Avocado: Avocados have a lot of benefit for the skin since they contain vitamin E. This vitamin reduces skin inflammation, which causes acne and it also keeps the skin hydrated. However do not apply the avocado on your face but mix it in your diet such as with sukuma or salad. It will unclog the oil pores, leading to a clearer skin.

Eggs: Eggs are not only tasty but will also help you get rid of acne. The sulfur contained in eggs boosts the immune system by giving your face a radiant glow. Eggs also have less fat and more protein which prevents acne from scarring your face as it clears it.

Sweet potatoes: High stress levels is known to cause acne and this is where sweet potatoes come in handy. The copper and manganese in sweet potatoes form collagen which improves the healing of acne and prevents the face from having scars. However, do not deep fry the potatoes but boil them so as not to destroy the nutrients.

Brown rice: Carbohydrates cause one to have wrinkles but brown rice is rich in magnesium, which fights insulin resistance. Magnesium also reduces anxiety levels in the body. Low levels of insulin and anxiety are known causes of acne.

Spinach: Acne caused by blackheads can be easily gotten rid of by consuming more green vegetables such as spinach, which is rich in iron and vitamin E, thus increasing the flow of blood and reducing skin inflammation. These ingredients keep the skin healthy with the addition of beta-carotene which prevents wrinkles.

Do not forget to keep your skin hydrated by drinking water. Constant skin care will help you get rid of acne but if you do it once a month then your acne will keep .

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