9 bold and daring hairstyles rapper Octopizzo has rocked

Born Henry Ohanga in Nairobi’s Kibera slums, Rapper Octopizzo is known to confidently rock the boldest and the most daring hairstyles.

From rocking high-low fade to wearing braids, it is evident that the rapper is not about to slow down when it comes to experimenting with hairstyles.

Below are some of his boldest hairstyles:

How about trying out this rugged and shaggy hairdo?
Have you ever seen a man rock the bob braids like Octopizzo?
Octopizzo has mastered the art of standing out. From his hair to his outfits and accessories.
Some cornrows with a ban at the back too!
Can’t decide which hairstyle to rock? Try out Octopizzo’s matutas.
How about some box braids?
He has definitely pulled off the twist-out look. Peep his adorable daughter in this selfie.
How much time do you think he spent in the salon?
This is perhaps the boldest hairstyle he has ever rocked!

Would you rock these hairstyles?

All photos courtesy of Octopizzo’s Instagram account.

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