11 effective ways to deal with insomnia

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Sometimes you are just so tired from the day’s activities but unfortunately, you still struggle to fall asleep. When you eventually fall asleep you wake up after a few hours and just watch the clock, waiting for the morning alarm. This can be frustrating and we have ways in which you can deal with the irritable insomnia:

Block out the voices: Most of the time it is the worries doing rounds in our minds that keep us awake. Have we paid rent? Will I get that promotion? How will my children fair on in school? Relax your mind by writing down these worries to allow you get the peace that brings sleep.

Limit daytime naps: Sleeping during the day will make you lack sleep during the night. So if you do not have a busy night, it is advised to keep the nap at most 30 minutes. Having a busy day will make your body tired enough to fall asleep without struggling for hours.

Cut down bedtime activities: We are all tempted to bring work to bed so as to work in a warm environment. However, these activities keep the brain active, preventing you from falling asleep. Ensure you bed place is only for sleep or intimate activities not sending emails and setting appointments.

Have a comfortable sleeping environment: If you do not like sleeping in the dark then ensure the lights are dim as this will help you fall asleep faster. Additionally, ensure you bed is comfortable with pillows and warm blankets.

Avoid alcohol and stimulants like coffee: Do not drink alcohol or coffee one hour before bedtime. Instead, drink something like soothing tea as they are specified to help one fall asleep. Your soothing tea should not have caffeine in it as it makes the body think you want to stay awake instead of falling asleep.

Have wake-up and bedtime consistency: A regular sleep schedule will also help you handle sleeplessness. The body will always be ready to wake up at a particular time and to go to bed at the same time. Therefore, sleeping during weekends should be kept at a minimal if you want to avoid insomnia.

No smoking cigarettes: Nicotine in the cigarette just like caffeine is a stimulant, which means it will keep the body active. If you have failed in quitting the habit of smoking then do not smoke after 6pm — so as to be able to get some sleep at night.

No eating immediately before bedtime: The body needs time to complete its activities, something which will keep you awake. Therefore, eat at least two hours before going to bed so as to give the body time to complete digestion. Cut down on the little snacks you will be tempted to eat as you relax.

Get medication: There are a variety of sleeping medications in the chemist which will help you deal with insomnia. These are sleeping aids and supplements but one has to get a prescriptions before taking them to avoid adverse side effects.

See a therapist: You inability to fall asleep may be caused by something intense or traumatic like nightmares from a bad childhood. Therefore, a therapist will help you overcome the fears, preventing you from sleeping comfortably. You can see a physical therapist or an online one and clear your worries.

Do some relaxing exercises: Sometimes our brain is clogged by stress from activities of the day which inhibits sleep. You can do yoga at home or meditation to help you relax before you get into bed. You can also read a book or take tea, anything that helps you relax.

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