Arsenals’ Mesut Ozil goes into hiding, steps up London home security with 24-hour dog patrol after attack

Arsenal midfielder Mesut Ozil has goes into hiding as security is beefed up at his home using guards and patrol dogs.

This comes after Ozil and his teammate Sead Kolasinac were attacked by a gang who tried to rob them of their watches last month.

A dog being led to Ozil’s compound
Photo source: Daily Mail

Ozil and Kolasinac were forced to miss Arsenal opening match against Newcastle citing security reasons.

Despite the police arresting two suspects in connection to the attack, the players have received fresh threats of the gang saying it will steal everything that belongs to them.

Mesut Ozil with Sead Kolasinac in a past match
Photo source: Daily Mail

Amidst this threat, Ozil saw it good to secure his home using dogs, otherwise, the police have promised to provide security to the players.

The incident which took place on July 25, the pair were ambushed by robbers as the duo left Ozil’s compound.

The attackers pelted the car with roof tiles to try and break the rear window as they pursued them on the north London street.

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