MKU founder Simon Gicharu rejects Waititu’s job appointment

Mount Kenya University founder and chairman of the board of directors Prof Simon Gicharu has rejected the position of chairman of the pending bills committee in Kiambu County.

Prof Gicharu told Daily Nation that he was not consulted before being offered the job.

“Basic courtesy should have dictated that they reach out to me before making such an announcement. At least by doing so, they would have gotten my views on whether I have the knowledge, skills and time to discharge such a task. That said, I will not be taking up the job,” the TV47 founder told Nation.

According to a gazette notice dated August 1, 2019, Prof Gicharu had been appointed alongside four other members, to head the committee for a period of 30 days.

Prof Gicharu said that another reason why he won’t be taking the county job is because his hands are full. The MKU founder is currently the chairman of the Rural Electrification and Renewable Energy Corporation (Rerec).

“We cannot afford any distractions at the moment when we are trying to align our focus at Rerec with the President’s big four agenda,” Prof Gicharu said.

The appointments are the Kiambu governor’s efforts to clean his name after being hit by a Sh588 million scandal.

Governor Ferdinand Waititu has been working from his Nairobi office after being barred from accessing his county office. The governor has insisted that he will continue executing his powers no matter where he is.

“The court never reduced my powers to run the affairs of Kiambu. I can meet my ministers even at my home and discuss issues that affect the people who voted for me,” Waititu said.

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