Security guards salaries to match teachers under new law

Security guards in major towns in Kenya will from January be earning a minimum wage of Sh27,993 for a night guard and Sh25,641 for a day guard.

This is according to the new security law which will be implemented by beginning of January.

The law, Private Security (General) Regulations 2019, also requires the security guards to undergo vetting after which they will be issued with a certificate of good conduct.

The lowest-paid primary school teacher saw their pay rise from Sh21, 756 to Sh27, 195 this year according to the Teachers Service Commission.

It is not clear how the payment above will be realised without increasing the cost of security services and eventually the cost of living.

Part of the training the officers will undergo include handling weapons such as guns, operating rapid response vehicles and giving security to important persons.

According to Kenya National Private Security Workers’ Union Secretary-General Isaac Andabwa, security firms will only be allowed to run their businesses if they meet the minimum wage and provide conducive work environment for employees.

“These new laws will help professionalise the sector as well as improve the standards of living for security officers,” Andabwa said.

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