Water birth: Benefits and what to expect

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There are a variety of birth options today such as water birth where the pregnant woman is submerged in water.

This water birth will happen in a special and sterilized pool filled with warm water. Here are the benefits and what you need to know about water birth:

Benefits of water birth

  • It is relaxed: Water gives one a relaxation benefit as the warm water reduces the intensity of contractions. Additionally, the ability to move around and water buoyancy keeps the contractions shorter than usual.
  • Water relieves pain: As mentioned the water acts as a pain reliever as it is soothing reduces contraction period. Therefore, one does not have to get an epidural and people love this as it keeps the child birth without medication.
  • Birth satisfaction: According to mothers who have done both natural and water birth, their is more child connection in water than natural birth. “You get to hold the baby immediately without disconnecting,” said a mother to Healthline.

What you need to know

  • Not recommended for everyone: Water birth is only recommended for women with low-risk preganancies. Therefore, women with multiple births such as twins are asked to use the normal procedure. If the baby is also a pre-term or a breech baby then you cannot deliver in water.
  • Sterilized pool: You cannot give birth in any kind of pool or the water bathtub at home. You can get the medically recommended inflated tools, which your midwife will sterilize before birth. The midwife will clean it and test it for bacteria.
  • Placenta removal: After some time, the water will get cold and dirty due to blood. Therefore, it is recommended to have the placenta birth outside water in a nearby area spread out with a clean towel or sheet where the mother can lie down.

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