Eight unique locations to visit in Nairobi

Nairobi is not just the capital city of Kenya but also a hub of different cultures and sites. While you go about your business in the city there are a few places you might want to consider dropping by.

  • Oloorgesaile

Do you feel the spirit of adventure in you? Take a drive towards Magadi Lake and take a stop at the cradle of mankind. The archeological site offers accommodation and camping facilities however you would have to come prepared with your own food and cooking set up.

  • Kereita Zip Line

The rush of adrenaline as you hang by a rope over natural vegetation is an experience worth taking a trip for.

  • Bruxton Tunnel

The Buxton Tunnel in Kabuku, Limuru. Popularly known to the locals as ‘Kimungu kia mbugi’, it is the second-longest train tunnel in Kenya. Built around the 1940s, the tunnel is estimated to be 1.7km but very few can actually go beyond 50metres into the tunnel. You can, however, locate the tiny light at the end of the tunnel.

  • The Brandy Bus

Located in the lavish Karen area of Nairobi, this Airbnb is a gem hidden in the city. It is a picturesque little bus set in a lush green environment that looks something out of a fairy tale. Some things are only best experienced.

  • The National Assembly

The heart of legislation in Kenya is accessible to the public. The Parliament public gallery allows anyone interested to enjoy front row seats to the happening in the August House. You never know what drama is likely to unfold while leaders passionately debate national and sometimes trivial issues of the State.

  • Oloolua Forest

Outdoor lovers are spoilt for choice in Nairobi. Oloolua Forest in Karen is another one of the hidden pleasures of Nairobi. Located in Karen the forest is a tranquil place to unwind. Also, enjoy the calming waterfall and the picnic sites available for you.

  • Karura Forest

Do you need time away from the city while still in the city? Karura Forest provides you with 15KM of natural tracks to lose yourself. The forest has well-marked cycling and walking paths with accommodation for pet lovers to take their dogs out for a walk on and off their leashes.

“It should take you no less than 3hrs to go through the whole track if you do it right.” Said one of the forest rangers on a visit.

  • CBD Sunken Park

The Sunken Car Park along Nairobi’s Harambee Avenue is one of the few places in the city that one can take a moment to relax and lose themselves in their thoughts. It is home to Nairobi’s biggest meeting of skaters every Sunday and hosts different choirs and chorales for practice in the evening. Adjacent to the park is Aga Khan Walk that is frequented by Nairobi’s street performers including violinists, saxophonists, vocalists, and The One Man Band.

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