”Quarantine Concerts”

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After the spread of Covid -19 across the world, the entertainment industry has experienced a big shift. Movie theaters, public performances and many other entertainment ventures are no longer operational.

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What do you do now on a Friday night ? Previously you would go out clubbing and many other social places to relax or lull yourself. We only have the internet for now, and a lot of time on our hands because of curfews and lockdowns.

Most artists continue to release new music and even videos. Of course most of the content being Covid-19 related. Live streams are the order of the day around the world. From John Legend, P Diddy , Tory Lanez and Kenya’s Xtian Dela, Vera Sidika, Akothee, Dj Joe Mfalme the list of artists going live is endless. All this is playing a key role in ensuring that music and other arts is kept alive .

Xtian Dela- Photo courtesy .

Most of this live streams continue to keep artists and their fans up into the late hours of the night. Who keeps you up? We all can’t wait for everything to go back to normal, but in the meantime let us all support this spontaneous and sometimes planned live streams. Be a part of this gaiety. Won’t you ?

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