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“Why invest in hearse when their profession is about saving lives!” Bondo nurses clarify

Nurses at the Bondo Sub-County Hospital have been the subject of both criticism and ridicule over the weekend, for venturing into a rather bizarre business, bearing in mind their line of duty.

After years of industriously saving, the Bondo Nurses’ Welfare Association unveiled, wait for it, a Sh2.8 million hearse over the weekend.

Immediately, Kenyans took to social media to express their disapproval by the nurses’ move.

According to some, they could not fathom why people whose job designation is to try and save lives would venture into the business of death! In what they say is a serious conflict of interest combined with irony, some Kenyans said that the nurses’ will not strive to save lives anymore, so that their hearse business could flourish.

This has forced the welfare’s chairperson to come out and clarify what he says is “Kenyans misunderstanding an otherwise noble idea”.

According to Dominic Omollo, the hearse was not meant for business but to serve the members of the association.

Omollo says that for long, the nurses have been struggling to afford the expensive services whenever they lose their kin, and the hearse project is meant to cushion them.

In what could not be clearly apprehended, Omollo also said that the hearse will be available for members of the public who seek cheap services.

Siaya County Acting Chief Officer for Health Eunice Fwaya leaped for the nurses’ defence, insisting that the medics are committed to saving life. Dr. Fwaya says that the uproar about the hearse business is a nonentity.

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