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‘Like Moses in the Bible… I too have seen our future,’ Uhuru banks on BBI for prosperous Kenya

President Uhuru Kenyatta has once again reiterated the importance of the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) to Kenyans.

Speaking during his State of the Nation Address on Thursday, November 12, President Uhuru said that major changes are needed in the Constitution and other laws, in order for the country to realise the prosperous future that it so much seeks.

Uhuru rallied all Kenyans to constructively and objectively consider the BBI report recommendations, which he says “will deliver to future generations of Kenyans the country that they deserve.”

“More importantly, let us engage in positive discourse with a view to effecting far-reaching changes to that will address the perennial challenges we have faced as a Nation – Negative Ethnicity; inclusion; equitable development and our fight against corruption,” said President Uhuru who likened himself to the Biblical Moses who envisioned the promised land for the Israelites.

Here is Uhuru’s Speech

Like Moses in the Bible who sat at the top of Mount Nebo and saw the future that the people of Israel were about to Cross into the promised land, I too have seen our future:

This is what our future looks like:

A Kenya where no one will ascend to a high public office on account of their tribe

A Kenya where no capable person will wallow in poverty because of poor governance

A Kenya Where our potential as a people will be exploited for the greatness of our nation

A Kenya Where we will all share equitably in the prosperity of our Nation.

The Future is bright

The Future is beckoning

The Future is here for us to take

Indeed, a future where truly our Justice will be our Shield and Defender

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